Vatsalya Team is dedicated to serve you in every need, every child is taken care by us like local guardians. The hostel is at the prime location and near to every major coaching institutes. Parents Rooms are also available , through which you can personally get the level of comfort in the best available rates


Hostel Room Facility in Kota
Hostel Room Facility in Kota
Hostel Room Facility in Kota


24x7 Security

To make the stay secure especially for girls, two security guard is available 24x7 with 4 lady staff in the Team

Friendly Staff

Four Lady Staff with a warden and a lady manager is available to take care of your daughter's need.

Bathrooms, Cooler/AC

Every Room is attached all required basic facility like Bathrooms, cooler/AC and Every Floor is having RO Water Facility

Homely Food

Freshly prepared food with 3 special menus(including unlimited sweets/ice-creams), along with Healthy Breakfast and Evening Snacks.

Lift and Maintenance

Lift Facilities are available for the girls, and their guardians. A maintenance person is also available to take care of the needs.

Nearby Coaching Institutes

Akash, Allen (Safalya, Samarth, Sankalp) Building in 100 M, Bansal Classes, Resonance, Career Point, Vibrant, Motion Academy in 1 KM

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